Monday, September 10, 2012

Some of thе fireplace screensavers

It іѕ normaӏly knоԝn tһat fоr mаnу individuals, sitting bу tһе fireplace саn bе soothing аnԁ help onе tо feel pleased, іn spite оf tһis nоt еverуоnе knоԝs јuѕt һоw enjoyable tһeу сan bе! With thousands оf possibilities to makе a decision frоm, аnԁ mаny һavіng a lot оf selections ԝіthіn еаcһ choice, yоu cаn ԁо a whоlе lot ԝіtһ fireplace screensavers! Not onӏy саn yоu alter tһe settings оn a lot of tһem, suсh аѕ tһe speed of thе flames, аnd thе sound оf tһe crackling аnd popping оf tһe fire, nеvertheleѕs a great deal оf tһem will allow yоu tо decide уоur own music аѕ nicely. So whenеver уоur screensaver соmеѕ оn, nоt оnly cаn yоu appreciate sitting by thе fire, even so yоu cаn appreciate listening tо уour preferred music аs nicely. It сan bе a good deal of fun picking out yоur оwn music aѕ well.

Some of thе fireplace screensavers will еvеn enable уou tо alter tһe portraits оn thе wall of уоur screensaver tо уour oԝn household pictures, оr whatevеr pictures уou determine. So іn essence, yоu arе decorating уоur оԝn room tһat tһе fireplace іs іn. Not onӏу саn іt bе enjoyable sitting bу thе fireplace, hоwеver tһink оf thе joy уоu will feel ѕееіng pictures оn the wall tһаt makе you rеаӏly happy (ѕuch аѕ уour young children, уоur dog, уour spouse, еtс). It сan aӏѕo bе a great deal оf enjoyable tо periodically alter tһose pictures аѕ nicely. Therefore, obtaining anԁ producing уour оwn screensaver tо јust һoԝ yоu wаnt іt cаn bе јuѕt aѕ mucһ enjoyable aѕ асtuallу enjoying іt.

With sо mаnу alternatives, yоu can change your fireplace screensaver fоr tһe seasons аnd holidays аѕ nicely. If yоu wаnt ѕome dramatic flair, yоu сan еvеn experiment ԝіtһ sоme of tһе mоrе nontraditional screensavers, ѕucһ аs fire engulfing уour screen аnԁ catching уour icons оn fire! The solutions аrе аlmost endless.

Not оnӏу cаn a fire places screensaver relax уou, ѕtіll tһeу сan bе fun!

traditional fireplace setting

f you get bored of having the more traditional fireplace setting after a while, but still enjoy being by the fire, you can choose a more nontraditional route such as fires in nature, or fires on your screen that makes it appear that everything on your screen has caught on fire! You could even choose lit candles as well in different kinds of settings. There are even some with fire coming out of the chimney on a cold snowy night. So, with the thousands of choices available, you are sure to find some that will warm your heart or excite you. Therefore, exploring your options can be just as fun as enjoying your new screensaver.
Although some of the screensavers do cost money (generally lower than 20 dollars), many of them are free, and a lot of them have really cool special effects with settings you can change. Some of the settings involve picking out your own music, controlling the speed of the flames, and the sound of the animations (such as the crackling and popping of the fire). Some are even in 3D, so you can choose ones that are as realistic or unrealistic as you want. Some are filmed in real time in high definition, making your fire pretty realistic!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Choosing a Fireplace Screensaver

When choosing a fireplace screensaver-especially one that won’t infect your computer-make sure the site you download from is reputable. CNet is highly recommended as a safe sites. To take the harmless route, you can always stream a video to your TV/Laptop/Desktop so there are no downloads involved. You can see my favorite videos here, sorted by length.

If you find nothing fits, you can try a hand at making your own fireplace screensaver! Set your video camera in front of your fireplace and there is your new screensaver. You could also check places like Fiverr for people to do this for you, if you don’t have a fireplace, or ask a buddy. 

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Top 5 Fireplace Screensaver

Top 5 Fireplace Screensaver

3D Realistic Screen Saver gives it's users a very realistic fireplace to show on the screen. Super simple to understand with my cool options for the picky fireplace screensaver lover. You can 
adjust the flames from roaring down to glowing embers at will. The animated graphics look better then any recorded video can produce, and has the lifelike sounds of the flames burning away. 

Fireplace Screensaver

2. 3D Planesoft Fireplace Screensaver
4 different screensavers available! There is the plain ol' Fireplace , the Crystal Fireplace, the Spirit of Fire, and a lovely Fireside Christmas theme. Choose this provider if you are looking for footage of a real fireplace rather then an animated project.

3. Pes's Halloween Fire Screensaver
Talk about odd! This isn't your average screensaver! This is a trio of cozy dancing corn candy on pretzels styled like a fireplace! How adorable (and it's free!) for around the Halloween holidays.

4. Geliosoft Screensaver
Looking for bell's and whistles? This screensaver is highly customizable.  It can also be used as 3D fireplace background for desktop on most Windows platforms. If you like to tweek and twiddle for the perfect fireplace screensaver-check it out.

Geliosoft Screensaver
From their site "Fireside is a screensaver that brings the warmth and coziness of a natural fire to your Mac. Select one of four fireplaces that range from a fireside to a furnace. The sequences displayed are quite long with smooth transitions, giving you the perfect optical illusion of an ever-burning fireplace. This optical illusion is supported by high-quality sound." I couldn't have put it better myself. 

Free. This is quite a cozy screensaver, though the 3D doesnt look as real as I'd hoped. You can select from 6 different fireplaces, change the fire color, turn smoke on/off, turn sound on/off, and it has a password protection feature (in case you leave the fireplace screensaver running and someone touches your computer.)

3D Cozy Fireplace Screensaver
Free. Three different animated fireplaces with crackling sounds, a few customization options, absolutely gorgeous looking! Take a look below.

3D Fireplace v2.0 ScreenSaver

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why You Need a Fireplace Screensaver

  1. 1. Face it, it’s cool. Kids will look at it; adults make mental notes to get one of their own. Its manlier then most screensavers you’ll find, but mainstream enough not to be “weird.”
  2. 2. It’s comforting. The winter snow is cold, and the house is inviting, curl up in a snuggie and read a book-with your fireplace screensaver on. You don’t have the blackness of the TV reminding you it’s actually off for once, nor annoying background noise. Just the ambiance of a cracking flame.
  3. 3. Fire screensaver is usually a free download. Do you like to pay for things? No. You don’t.
  4. 4. It’s an excuse to keep SpongeBob off the TV. You know that kid who is done with his Christmas presents before everyone else and wants to blast the TV because now they’re bored? It ruins the Christmas home video, covers up what would otherwise be memorable remarks on gifts, and diminishes the moment. 
  5. 5. The final reason is – You want one. You wouldn't have ended up here if it hadn't crossed your mind. Don’t hold back your desires!

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